Food procurement
procurement of wheat, paddy, fat grains, oilseeds and pulses at support price under decentralized scheme
1. The decentralized scheme has been implemented in the state through the M.P.State Civil Supplies Corporation at the minimum support price by the Central Government. As a state's acquisition agency, the marketing association is also a collaborative institution.
2. According to the agreement between the Central Government and the State Government under the scheme, the quantity required for distribution under the wing targeted public distribution system acquired by the Nodal Agency of State Government, MPST State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited is stored with itself, and The remaining accumulated wings are fed to the Indian Food Corporation, in the central pool.
3. jowar and Bajra  in the state are acquired at the support price and in the targeted public distribution system.
4. Maize is being made under the Bhavantar Yojana in the state.
5. Provisional economic cost / relevant expenditure on the basis of the proposal sent by the state government at the beginning of each earning season by the Central Government is sanctioned.
6. The amount of quarterly distributed quantity under TPDS allocation is reimbursed according to the provisional economic cost from the Central Government.
7. n completion of the acquired wing, the final economic cost is determined by the Central Government on the basis of audited earning articles of actual expenses.
8. The amount of difference between the economic cost and the Central Delivery Rate approved by the Crand Government is the amount of grant. The Central Delivery Rate varies for different schemes (NFSA, MDM, WBNP, WIS), due to this, grant rates are also different for each scheme.
9. Claims of unfulfilled amount by central government are made from the state government under budget provision.
Procurement of food at support price
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